Cashless Catering


The Dining Hall runs on a cashless basis using online payments via the +Pay facility on ParentMail. Click here to top up your daughter's account through ParentMail.

The school uses a biometric recognition cashless payment system to take payment for your daughter's breakfast, lunch or breaktime snack. The payment system operates by using a fingerprint recognition device at the till point in the Dining Hall, linked to the student's lunch account. This system does not make a copy of an individual's fingerprint but takes a sample of the fingerprint, converting it into a secure, mathematical algorithm which is unique to the individual. The biometric recognition system is completely secure and allows for quicker processing at the till point than a manual method of identification.

The school provides a choice of healthy, freshly-made meal options daily onsite for students and staff, or girls can pick from the salad bar or chiller. A vegetarian option is offered every day and any girl with one or more of the 14 listed allergens displayed in the canteen is asked to speak to one of the catering team before selecting their meal. Most dishes are nut-free but we are not a nut-free site. Students may bring their own packed lunch if they prefer. Students who buy a daily breaktime snack and lunch would usually pay around £5.00 for their food. Girls who arrive for breakfast may have a higher spend. 

The kitchen staff are fully qualified caterers and carry a 5* rating in the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. Special days are marked throughout the year with themed meals celebrating Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Christmas.

The breakfast menu includes bagels and croissants, fresh fruit, cereal bars, hash browns, hot drinks and fruit juice. A range of pastries or morning paninis are on offer at breaktime. At lunchtime, students choose from jacket potatoes, homemade soups, hot pastas or main meals, and an occasional hot dessert. Yogurts, sandwiches, wraps, soft drinks, a salad bar and a fruit salad bar are daily options throughout the year.

When a student leaves the school, a credit balance is refunded if the amount is greater than £2. Balances less than £2 are collated and donated to the whole school charity.

Voluntary Parental Contributions


Tiffin girls benefit greatly from the fundraising efforts of the PSA, the TGMS and from the voluntary contributions and donations of many parents, friends and supporters of the school. Should you feel able to contribute to school fundraising, there is a Direct Debit mandate and a Gift Aid Declaration in the Key Downloads box, above left.

The suggested monthly contribution for parents is £50, which equates to £200 per term, or £600 per year. Many families are able to contribute at a higher level than this, while others contribute what they can. A lower suggested level of contribution is £30 a month, or £120 a term if you are unable to contribute more. You can make your contribution on a monthly basis by Direct Debit, or +Pay offers the option to pay termly or annually if you prefer.

You may already be aware that both revenue and capital budgets for schools have been cut in recent years. For various reasons, this is affecting schools with our profile particularly harshly so in the current fiscal climate, we need your support more than ever. The generosity of parent contributions in the past has enabled countless projects which continue to benefit current pupils - from relocating the Learning Resource Centre to two floors of the Holdsworth Wing, purchasing new pcs, netbooks and an online library catalogue, building new science laboratories, resurfacing the netball courts, improving the wi-fi network, providing essential resources for Art, Music, PE and Drama - the list goes on.

Support Tiffin Girls' School Company

We have set up a charitable company, Support The Tiffin Girls' School company (registered charity number 1069996), to support our development programme. The company is run by trustees entirely for the benefit of students of the school and all parental donations are paid directly to this company.

Contributing by Direct Debit

A Direct Debit enables us to have a regular and guaranteed source of income which allows us to plan confidently for the year ahead. By signing and returning the Direct Debit mandate in the Key Downloads box, you are granting your consent for payments to be debited from your account on 29th of the month.

Contributing by Gift Aid

By signing and returning the Gift Aid declaration in the Key Downloads box, the school will receive tax relief on any donations you make - now or in the future - at no additional cost to you. Gift Aid allows UK taxpayers to boost the value of their donations by 25p in every £1. For example, for each £50 monthly contribution you make, the school will receive £62.50 by claiming an additional £12.50 back directly from the Inland Revenue. Higher rate taxpayers are also able to benefit from tax relief on their donation. We hope all parents paying UK tax will help us by completing the Gift Aid declaration in our Key Downloads box.